Water Quality and Hygiene Behavior in Burkina Faso: New article by Antenna Foundation

What is the link between good water hygiene and school results? In Burkina Faso, the Schools Unit, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, has developed the “Clean Water at School” project. Its objective is to improve the health and school results of pupils through the promotion of good water hygiene. Before the programme, drinking water was contaminated with bacteria (coliforms) in 50% of the samples taken. None was detected after the intervention.

In addition to everyday practices such as hand washing and workplace sanitation, the students are making their drinking water safe with sodium hypochlorite, commonly known as “bleach”, which they produce themselves using the Mini-WATA, now distributed by our spinn-off Watalux.

The impact of the sodium hypochlorite solution is now the subject of a publication in the scientific journal Health Sciences & Disease (Vol. 23, N°8, August 2022), to be read here.

👏 Congratulations to Pierre-Gilles Duvernay, Renata Nogueira, Lucas Pittet, Oumarou Guira, Pascal Korgo, Michelle Pereira Vale dos Passos and Innocent Bamouni!