Head-lice project Nepal_Chitwan

“Beautiful hair weeks” – Enabling children to attend school with healthy hair

Head lice infestation is a common problem in school children worldwide, bearing both medical and social implications. Besides causing difficulty in concentration and sleep, head lice are known not to have been associated with serious health risks and are not considered health hazards. However, the presence of head lice among students is more concerning due […]

head lice project_Nepal_2022

Expect the unexpected: Where each experience became a life-long lesson

After being engaged and collecting experience in various WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) programmes, ECCA (Environmental Camps for Conservation Awareness) got engaged in an anti-head lice project implemented in 7 schools of the Lalitpur district in Nepal. The project is being conducted in technical and financial partnership with Antenna. It will be reproduced in the […]