Save the date : Antenna at the 8th Festival Alternatiba Léman on 3 September

The Alternatiba Léman Festival will take place from Monday 29 August to Saturday 3 September 2022 in Geneva. It is organised by the Association Alternatiba Léman – a citizen movement for the climate emergency, which aims to promote local initiatives that contribute to the reduction of climate change, by implementing concrete local solutions.

Stands and animations of over 190 organisations active in favour of the ecological transition, the fight against climate change and social justice – including Antenna Foundation – are expected at the Parc des Bastions on Saturday 3 September. Come and meet us in the “International Solidarity” space, to exchange and discuss our projects! The event is entirely free, for all ages, with food stands and concerts in the evening.

The Alternatiba Festival is also a time for exchange and reflection with conferences, round tables and film screenings. From Monday 29th August, evenings on key themes of the transition, such as the accessibility of healthy and local food, the resilience of territories, training and green jobs, the energy transition, the mobility of the future, environmental justice, the role of finance and the gender of the Anthropocene will be proposed. Evenings featuring practical examples will take place throughout the week. They will focus on energy renovation of buildings, support for sustainable businesses, alternative pedagogy, food education, local politics, degrowth and the democratic tools available to act and change the system. Yvan Richardet’s new creation “Mercury”, which combines the fate of Freddie Mercury with a reflection on climate denial, the fear of collapse and the need for utopia, will bring the conference cycle to a close in style and music on Friday 2 September at the Théâtre Les Salons.

Julia Steinberger, member of the IPCC and Rob Hopkins, initiator of the international movement of cities in transition will participate in the opening conference of the 8th edition of the Festival Alternatiba Léman on Monday 29 August 2022 from 6.30 pm at Uni Mail.

Julia Steinberger, professor of social climate sciences at the University of Lausanne, is the main author of the latest report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Released on 4 April 2022, the IPCC recommends a series of solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, in particular through the transformation of cities.

Rob Hopkins, initiator in 2005 of the international movement of cities in transition, the Transition Network, which brings together citizens, municipalities and entrepreneurs committed to meeting the major climatic, social and political challenges in their city or neighbourhood, is multiplying the “what ifs”, these questions that open the floodgates of imagination to stimulate the commitment to a viable and sustainable future. His presence at Alternatiba Léman launches his tour in French-speaking Switzerland.

The opening evening will be the occasion for a dialogue between science, a pioneer of the urban transition and two representatives of the “conventional” economy, a dialogue that will highlight the convergences and divergences between these four speakers.