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Sucre sublingual_Enjibara

Sublingual sugar: progress of the clinical study

Antenna’s Medicines Unit has been conducting clinical studies validating the efficiency of sugar administered under the tongue to treat hypoglycaemia in children with severe malaria since 2008, notably with Malian colleagues. The studies have shown that this technique brings the blood sugar level back to normal in less than 20 minutes in 50% of cases, which […]

Luisa_Radio Cité Genève_nov 2022

Luisa Narvaez on Radio Cité Genève

Our colleague Luisa Narváez Pineda is one of the 15 qualified migrant women whose professional integration in Switzerland is presented in the book “Migrantes et qualifiées, 15 femmes en quête de reconnaissance professionnelle” (Migrant and qualified, 15 women in search of professional recognition) published on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the Association découvrir. […]

Head-lice project Nepal_Chitwan

“Beautiful hair weeks” – Enabling children to attend school with healthy hair

Head lice infestation is a common problem in school children worldwide, bearing both medical and social implications. Besides causing difficulty in concentration and sleep, head lice are known not to have been associated with serious health risks and are not considered health hazards. However, the presence of head lice among students is more concerning due […]

head lice project_Nepal_2022

Expect the unexpected: Where each experience became a life-long lesson

After being engaged and collecting experience in various WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) programmes, ECCA (Environmental Camps for Conservation Awareness) got engaged in an anti-head lice project implemented in 7 schools of the Lalitpur district in Nepal. The project is being conducted in technical and financial partnership with Antenna. It will be reproduced in the […]

Antenna Trust_Célia Follonier

Visit to Antenna Trust’s ecopark in India

The ecopark, run by our partner Antenna Trust in India, was established in 1995 in Madurai. Its main activities are livelihood improvement and income generation for poor women, nutrition improvement at a local level, and community awareness programmes. Last October, Célia Follonier, a 23-year-old student, spent a few days at Antenna Trust to discover the […]

Logo_Agri digitale

Agroecology training materials online

Agroecology training resources and materials (videos, technical sheets, manuals) have been designed for small-scale producers in sub-Saharan Africa. In addition, there is a network of educational farms to test and improve different production models developed by the Foundation… To read the article promoting Antenna’s resources in the field of Agroecology on the website of Agri […]

Kinkeliba, bissap… when African plants fight hypertension

Hypertension is one of the most common diseases in Africa, where half of all adults are said to have high blood pressure. This article on the study conducted by Antenna’s Medicine Unit in Saint-Louis, Senegal, on the treatment of this disease with local products such as bissap and kinkeliba, gives hope. To read the article […]

Water Quality and Hygiene Behavior in Burkina Faso: New article by Antenna Foundation

What is the link between good water hygiene and school results? In Burkina Faso, the Schools Unit, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, has developed the “Clean Water at School” project. Its objective is to improve the health and school results of pupils through the promotion of good water hygiene. Before the programme, drinking […]


Article on agroecology training by Antenna in Guinea

More than 54 farmers participated in 3 days of training sessions on agroecological practices organised by the NGO Solidarité Suisse-Guinée, in partnership with Antenna. The agroecologic didactic farm of Balipili, in the rural commune of Bantiguel, in the prefecture of Pita, was the setting for this capacity building meeting for agricultural producers in Fouta-Djalon. The […]