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Presentation of our solar fridge project at “Midis de la recherche”

Solar energy to produce cold: mission impossible? Antenna accepted the challenge and took it up! Its Schools and Energy Units, in collaboration with our partners from the Haute école de travail social (HES-SO) in Geneva, the HESO-SO Valais and the Centre de formation professionnelle de référence de Zinaré, developed mobile solar refrigerators, 80% of which […]

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Cooperation with MIT students in Cameroon

On the agroecological farm of our partner BIOBALA, in Cameroon’s Obala region, students of MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) are testing a heating box, which can be afforded by all farmers and is made of locally available materials. Meet two students who work locally on this solution, which is being developed in the framework of […]

Vidéo_Alimentation saine et durable à l'école

Video on “A healthy and sustainable diet at school”, a project by Antenna

Chronic malnutrition affects one third of Burkina Faso’s population. The consequences are reduced learning capacity and high school absenteeism. Since 2020, the project “A healthy and sustainable diet at school” (ASDE for its abbreviation in French), implemented by Antenna, has provided the canteens of the 15 project schools with 216,600 healthy and balanced meals, thanks […]

Production of solar refrigerators in Burkina Faso

The Sahel is a region where cold chains are almost non-existent and food security issues are more topical. In Burkina Faso, the “Mobile Solar Refrigerators” project is the result of a collaboration between Pierre-Gilles Duvernay and Olivier Starkenmann of Antenna Foundation, the University of Applied Sciences of Western Switzerland (HES-SO) and the Centre de Formation […]

TedX_Bertrand & Mariana

Antenna at TEDxIHEID “The Dawn of A New Era”

Treating hypertension with local products and making water treatment and disinfectant accessible to all: our colleagues Mariana Veauvy and Bertrand Graz presented two of our solutions to decentralise science at the TEDxIHEID “The Dawn of A New Era”. The video of their presentation can also be viewed here.