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Antenna interviewed in Il Manifesto

Our colleague Pierre-Gilles Duvernay was interviewed for the supplement “Settimanale ecologista” of the Italian newspaper Il Manifesto. He talks about the Wata technology, which is used among others in the framework of the Rano Madio programme (clear water in Malagasy), implemented in Madagascar, with the final objective of providing drinking water to the whole community […]

Rano Madio_nov 2022

Antenna in GHIMAO’s Newsletter

Rano Madio – “Clear Water” in Malagasy – is a programme for sustainable access to safe drinking water and for raising awareness of pupils, and through them the whole community, on hygiene and the importance of hand washing. Antenna officially supports the Rano Madio programme since 2018, together with its GHIMAO – Geste pour l’Hygiène, […]

Luisa_Radio Cité Genève_nov 2022

Luisa Narvaez on Radio Cité Genève

Our colleague Luisa Narváez Pineda is one of the 15 qualified migrant women whose professional integration in Switzerland is presented in the book “Migrantes et qualifiées, 15 femmes en quête de reconnaissance professionnelle” (Migrant and qualified, 15 women in search of professional recognition) published on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the Association découvrir. […]

Radio Lac – Etude multi-centrique Diabète

Podcast Etude multi-centrique Diabète / projet RTS Tout est possible Opération solidarité, interview avec Candice Turquet -Fondation Antenna Ecoutez le podcast ici

Antenna on Radio Cité Genève

Antenna was on Radio Cité Genève in the programme “Genève Internationale”. Candice Turquet, Head of development, calls on the actors of International Geneva to work more together. Listen to the podcast here

La pharmacologie reverse à l’assaut du SARS-CoV-2

Le projet Yéleen Djiguima (lumière d’espoir en bambara), mis sur pied par la fondation genevoise Antenna, distribue des technologies solaires adaptées aux besoins locaux grâce à un modèle de microleasing communautaire. SIG soutient cette lumineuse initiative.

Dominique Brustlein-Bobst for ELLE SUISSE

Elle est une femme d’affaires mais surtout une femme de cœur, ambassadrice de très nombreuses causes humanitaires en Suisse et dans le monde.