“Beautiful hair weeks” – Enabling children to attend school with healthy hair

Head-lice project Nepal_Chitwan

Head lice infestation is a common problem in school children worldwide, bearing both medical and social implications. Besides causing difficulty in concentration and sleep, head lice are known not to have been associated with serious health risks and are not considered health hazards. However, the presence of head lice among students is more concerning due to its social, emotional and academic consequences including social boycott, psychological distress and unnecessary absenteeism in school.

To address and solve this issue, with the technical support of Antenna, the programme “Beautiful Hair Weeks’’ has been introduced by the NGO ECCA (Environmental Camps for Conservation Awareness) in various parts of Nepal. The programme, which was launched in March 2019, evaluated the effectiveness of a natural lice solution made from water, salt and vinegar – local and cheap products. Based on the effectiveness of the solution, ECCA plans to replicate the programme in 2023, reaching more children. A good example of a sustainable project in the long term!

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