Article on agroecology training by Antenna in Guinea


More than 54 farmers participated in 3 days of training sessions on agroecological practices organised by the NGO Solidarité Suisse-Guinée, in partnership with Antenna. The agroecologic didactic farm of Balipili, in the rural commune of Bantiguel, in the prefecture of Pita, was the setting for this capacity building meeting for agricultural producers in Fouta-Djalon. The Balipili agroecologic didactic farm is a “school” farm capable of producing a wide variety of foodstuffs with a view to food self-sufficiency, without the use of pesticides or synthetic fertilisers and on a surface area corresponding to that of small-scale producers in the region…

To read the article published in Guinée Matin on the project of Antenna’s AgroEcology Unit “Diversified Agroecological Farms in Middle Guinea”, click here. (in French)