Article co-signed by Antenna published in Journal of Water & Health

Our colleagues Renata Nogueira and Justin Veuthey, respectively from Antenna’s the Medicines and New Technology/Innovation units, in cooperation with our spinn-off Watalux, participated in the drafting of the scientific publication « Novel water treatment system in a low-resource community », which was published in the Journal of water and health. The paper aggregates the data collected during the GIZ-funded project and demonstrates the value of in-situ chlorine production in improving the local population’s access to clean water.

You can read the article here.

Key points of the article:


  • 52% of the 31 sites surveyed had a shortage of chlorine powder. 81% of operators cited logistics concerns and 29% cited problems with the cost of chlorine powder.
  • 30% of the sites had infrastructure problems.
  • 60% of water samples taken before chlorination showed E.Coli contamination.

After chlorination:

  • 100% of the functional facilities were delivering safe drinking water to the community. The average chlorine residual level was 0.29±0.2 mg/L, within the national standard.

In conclusion:
“The installation of water chlorination devices (WATA™) provides water free of microbiological contamination and with chlorine levels within the WHO recommended values.”