COVID-19 and disinfection

The increase in COVID-19 infections has led to an urgent need for disinfectant solutions to fight the spread of the virus. Several studies have proven the effectiveness of sodium hypochlorite in inactivating human coronaviruses in just one minute. Less well-known is that a +0.21% sodium hypochlorite solution is as effective as a 62-71% ethanol solution (Kampf et al., 2020, Persistence of coronaviruses on inanimate surfaces and their inactivation with biocidal agents, J Hosp Infect. 2020 Mar;104(3):246-251.).

The new Nano-WATA produces 80 millilitres of 0.6% [6 g/litre] sodium hypochlorite in about 20 minutes, making it possible to prepare a 0.08% disinfectant solution for surfaces and floors by adding 0.5 litres of water or a 0.05% hand disinfectant solution by adding 0.9 litres of water. Offering a fast and effective way to fight viruses through disinfection, the new Nano-WATA device could be of great help in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. The device could be easily integrated into a COVID-19 kit or any other contagious disease control programme.

The active chlorine solution produced by the device can also be used as a wound disinfectant when used pure at a concentration of 6 g/litre.

Preparing safe drinking water

After treatment, for drinking water, it is recommended to have solutions containing a free chlorine concentration of about 1.5 mg/litre, which corresponds to a 4000x dilution with a 6 g/litre sodium hypochlorite solution. Thus, a single production of 80 millilitres with the Nano-WATA device is able to treat up to 320 litres of water.

In emergency situations, the World Health Organization recommends a minimum of 15 litres of water per person per day. The Nano-WATA can therefore treat enough water for at least 20 people in only 20 minutes.


In one day, several productions can be made one after the other. This allows for the preparation of several litres of disinfectant solution and to treat large quantities of water if necessary.

By producing twice per hour for 6 hours, the Nano-WATA can provide up to 9.6 litres of sodium hypochlorite solution in one day, allowing for the preparation of 67 litres of surface disinfectant solution, 115 litres of hand disinfectant solution, 9.6 litres of wound disinfectant and/or the treatment of up to 3,840 litres of water.

The Nano-WATA device is the perfect product for the fast and inexpensive production of active chlorine.

  • Thanks to its small size, short production time and ease of use, it can be used by anyone and almost anywhere.
  • It is a good alternative to chlorine tablets, which are not always available in remote areas.
  • It is the perfect solution for people who need quick and safe access to drinking water and disinfectant. It can benefit many different people, such as small health centres, local stores, travellers and hikers, refugee camps, mobile medical teams, and any family for their home.
  • The product has shown great effectiveness when combined with a portable power source, such as solar panels or batteries/generators.