Hospital Programme in North and South Kivu: empowering healthcare facilities


The 12 health zones where cholera is endemic are located in the provinces of North and South Kivu and Katanga, with more than half of the cholera cases recorded in DRC. When cholera is reported in an area, a few cases of typhoid have been observed in addition to those of malaria.

Sanitary structures in North Kivu, South Kivu and North Katanga have problems of access to chlorine for the disinfection of wounds, for the washing of health workers’ clothes, bed sheets, cleaning of walls and pavements, cleaning of latrines on the one hand and for the potabilization of drinking water on the other hand.

In this perspective, the Antenna Foundation, through its representation in DRC MajiMaisha-Antenna (MMA), started working in 2014 with WATA devices. Through the appropriation of the technology by different partners working in WASH and in healthcare structures the objective is to empower them in the autonomous production of liquid chlorine with WATA electrolysers.


Documentation on the issue of disinfectants in healthcare facilities in North and South Kivu. Restitution at the level of the Provincial Health Directorates in the two provinces followed by the identification of some structures for the adaptation phase with WATA technology: autonomous production of liquid chlorine for disinfection “contribution to the improvement of hospital hygiene”.
Implementation of the WATA devices in healthcare structures. The need for liquid chlorine as a disinfectant and water potabilization product in hospitals was evaluated according to several criteria, including the monthly average number of patients, number of deliveries, number of surgical cases, number of blocks to be cleaned, etc. The monitoring of cases of infected wounds in health facilities and non-disinfected spaces has led to the understanding that dilutions are not made – for some – according to standards.

With the presence of Antenna in DRC, MajiMaisha-Antenna reaffirms its collaboration with the Ministry of Health to assist users of electrolyzers in healthcare facilities.


Prove of concept of the “hospital programme” in healthcare facilities in DRC adopting the use of WATA electrolyzers made available by the Antenna Foundation.

Progressive installation of WATA devices in North Kivu (Provincial General Hospital, General Hospital of reference “Charité Maternelle”, General Hospital of Kirotshe, Health Centre of Vitshumbi) and in South Kivu (Provincial General Hospital of reference, General Hospitals of Fomulac, Uvira, Walungu).

“Hospital programme” : environ 2 108 362 personnes


Since 2014, MajiMaisha-Antenna has contributed to the fight against water-borne diseases by reducing mortality and nosocomial diseases thanks to the improvement of hospital hygiene in healthcare facilities in DRC. In total, 16 structures are now autonomous in the production and use of disinfectants.


Provincial Ministries of Health (North and South Kivu)
Congolese Control Office (Branch of the Ministry of Economy)
National Service of Rural Hydraulics (NSRH)


Contact from Antenna – Geneva
Pierre-Gilles DUVERNAY
WASH Advisor

Local contact
Coordinator and focal point Antenna Technologies in DRC