Comoros : bringing a participatory structure for water services to fifteen villages


Although 81% of the Comorian population has access to a water supply point, it is estimated that only 4.7% of people have access to clean drinking water. Additionally, water shortages occur frequently. Thus, Antenna decided to partner with Association Deux Mains (two-hands association), a local association active in the water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) sector since 2012. The project started at the community level and slowly switched to a model with several central urban water kiosks delivering water to neighbouring villages as well. Purification, management and awareness are the catchwords of the Eau Potable pour Tous (drinking water for all) programme. By using WATA technology, the project offers an effective, simple and stand-alone method enabling users to produce their own sodium hypochlorite solution to eliminate drinking water contamination. WATA devices remain active in several villages.

Simultaneously, a water supply system located in Mohéli, the smallest island of the archipelago, has been using WATA to chlorinate water since 2017. The project targets a total of 15 municipalities through an affordable monthly membership fee system, allowing around 40,000 people to benefit from drinking water supplies. Given the island’s extreme isolation, locals rely on efficient logistics channels. In this context, onsite chlorine production is a relevant alternative.

General objective : Provide remote communities with safe drinking water through a sustainable business model

Beneficiaries : 40,000

Partners : Association Deux Mains, French Embassy in the Comoros, French Development Agency, Diaspora Comorienne de France, UCEM

Project duration : 2012-2017