Nepal: “Green Schools Project”

Chronic malnutrition remains a major problem in Nepal that impacts 10% of the population, so that 35.8% of children under the age of five suffer from stunted growth (Nepal Ministry of Health, 2016)

In order to generate greater awareness surrounding themes such as the environment, sustainable agriculture and water, the “Green Schools Project” applies a multilateral pedogeological approach.

Classes aimed at promoting healthy nutrition and balanced diets are organized and school vegetable gardens have been implanted with vegetables appropriate to the local climate. Teachers and students are taught about the environment and agroecological techniques that they can put into practice within the school. Finally, an anti-lice approach was added to the project. A natural lotion made with locally available ingredients was prepared in schools in order to both treat the condition and to contribute to the de-stigmatization of children with lice.

12 schools, 3,200 students and 1,600 parents are participating in the project.

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