Schools : students agents of change

Our objectives

By basing its activities on the promotion of innovative solutions within schools and awareness-raising among students, the Schools unit centres on young people’s capacity to disseminate solutions within their communities in the areas of health, food self-sufficiency, access to energy and environmental protection.

Schools thereby become a means of engaging with a number of key actors within communities, such as local authorities or parent associations. Such actors are engaged with from the outset in order to create a distribution network of technological solutions that use revenue-generating activities to ensure that projects are financially sustainable and autonomous.

In collaboration with the Antenna Foundation’s other units as well as other organizations that share our objectives, we thus develop new solutions that are enduring, affordable and local.

In the long term, local governments will replicate this model, investing for the benefit of the community on a sustainable, long-term basis.



Responsable de l’Unité Écoles

Pierre-Gilles Duvernay

+41 22 737 12 45

24 av. de la Grenade | CH-1207 Genève