Scientifically validated hand-made masks

Are homemade masks effective to protect us from coronavirus? Antenna Medicines has investigated and it appears that home-made masks can be very similar in effectiveness to commercial masks, under a few conditions: they must be well fitted to the face and include a filter material.

The filters tested for Covid-19 by Qing-Xia Ma and colleagues (Journal of Medical Virology article, March 31, 2020) is simply household or kitchen paper; in at least three layers, it offers protection equivalent to industrial filters (97% versus 99%).

Instructions on how to make effective masks can be adapted for the most needy: a minimum of material, seamless plus a suitable filter. This mask can also washable with soap and hot water, and the filter changed.

For those who wish to make a more sophisticated model, examples can be found in the following links:


For the preparation of hydro-alcoholic gel, we recommend the formulas validated by the WHO: Guide to produce your own alcool-based liquid