Solar kit distribution

600 million people in sub-saharan Africa do not have access to electricity

Working with local partners, community groups and cooperatives allows us to offer a global approach to distributing solar kits to the most remote communities.

Our main activities

Public awareness

  • High-quality lighting, better investments and less e-waste: a 2-year warranty and an overall life cycle of up to 10 years (compared to a few weeks/months for poor quality kits)
  • Loan payments managed by local groups: eliminating dependency on banks

Ease of payments

  • Community-based micro-leasing approach with low interest rates
  • Payment in instalments makes technology affordable
  • Technology lending is based on the joint responsibility of the members of a group
  • Interest is paid back to communities after reimbursement of technologies

Direct collaboration with the community

  • Payment plans established based on meetings and group revenues
  • Solar kit offers adapted to local needs
  • A bond of trust for a long-term relationship

Creation of direct employment in the heart of vulnerable communities

  • Antenna trains local partners (identification of new partnerships, business management, communication)
  • Antenna works alongside local partners until they reach financial independence

Sustainable business model

sustainable business model


Antenna launched the Yéleen Djiguima project in Mali in 2018. So far, it has reached 15 associations and has provided a clean energy source to more than 2,000 people across the country (2018).

Learn about Martin, one of our local partners.


In Cameroon, Antenna works with cocoa farmer cooperatives.
Joseph Epaza is the guarantor of his cooperative in Biyaga (commune of Batchenga, central region). He shows the impact that solar kits have had on the daily lives of people in his village.

Learn about Freddy, our local partner managing the distribution of solar kits in Cameroon.