Productive use of renewable energies

12 million young people joint the labour force every year in Africa
According to UN estimates

Youth unemployment will probably be one of Africa’s greatest challenges over the next 30 years.

The Productive Use of Renewable Energy (PURE) programme aims to provide electricity and equipment in order to improve the performance of small businesses in low-income communities. PURE solutions consider both technological and economic viability.

productive use of renewable energy

The requirements of the field are taken into account when developing adapted solar solutions: refrigerators, agricultural treatment equipment, water pumps.

The objective is to foster entrepreneurship, increase the productivity of microenterprises, create jobs and – in the long term – limit migration by supporting the socio-economic fabric of rural areas.

Pure solutions, Mali

Partnership with UNASCOP – FAMA, the women farmers association of Mali

In Mali, the productive use of renewable energies goes hand-in-hand with the sustainable distribution of solar kits. Through the Yéleen Djiguima project, we identify trusted organisations with which we can collaborate to provide PURE solutions adapted to the activities and the requirements of the field.

Created in 2009, UNASCOP – FAMA (National Union of Cooperative Societies of Women Farmers of Mali) has more than 130 associations and 6,000 members throughout Mali.

Entrepreneurial and federated, these women are organized to optimize the sale of their crops and products. They generate many jobs related to food production, such as fresh and dried fish, fish broth, etc.

With this association, the goal is to take advantage of community-based technology management to increase productivity by using solar energy.

Fish farming could include the following PURE solutions:

  • Solar pump (to oxygenate fish tanks)
  • Solar ice machine (to transport fresh fish to the market)
  • Solar dryer (to dry fish)
  • Solar mill (to turn dried fish into condiments)


The clever chicken project, Cameroun

Reinventing solar-based chicken farming without antibiotics

Clever Chicken is a responsible and sustainable chicken farming project in the region of Obala, Cameroon.

This project aims to create a self-sustaining economic system for ecological chicken farming based on:

Energy independence

  • Development and use of solar energy (incubators, heating for chicks and solar kits for breeders)

Economic autonomy

  • Introduction of a robust and indigenous farming breed in professional breeding
  • Increased yields and incomes through the establishment of a distribution network and by guaranteeing the repurchase of chickens from breeders
  • Local and organic food production for the chickens

Public health

  • Elimination of the use of antibiotics on chickens
  • Nutritious and organic meat

Animal well-being

  • Compliance with European standards for “free range” farming and longer lives
  • Phasing out the use of antibiotics
  • Protection of male chicks and doubled life expectancy for chickens (compared to hybrid breeds).