Partners & Team


  • Foundation GoodPlanet, Paris, France
  • Foundation Philanthropia (Bank Lombard Odier), Geneva, Switzerland
  • Commune of Cologny, Geneva, Switzerland
  • Higher School of Landscape, Engineering and Architecture of Geneva (HES-SO HEPIA), Switzerland
  • Agricultural Institute of Obala, Cameroon
  • Higher Institute of Sciences, Environment and Sustainable Development of The University of Toamasina (ISSEDD), Madagascar
  • Association INTERACTION, Switzerland
  • Filmographic production and realisation company 2D/3D NVP3D, Switzerland
  • Foundation Rustic Superior, Grand Goave, Haïti
  • Malian Association of Awakening to Sustainable Development (AMEDD), Mali
  • Agricultural Cooperative « Senekura », Koutiala, Mali


  • Julian Tugwell – General Management Member and Head of AgroEcology Unit
  • Kim Schneider – Msc. ETHZ Agricultural Sciences, Project Management Engineer,  AgroEcology Unit


  • Co-Chief Operating Officer – Gilbert Komi Sapa
  • Co-Chief Operating Officer – Prospère Agbeko


  • Chief Operating Officer – Géronce Loïck Otome
  • Head of Logistics and Marketing – Nathalie Etono
  • Local Coordinator– Dominik Peterer
  • Local Coordinator– Colas Mauloubier
  • Director and Founder of Agricultural Institute of Obala – Louis Ndjie

Burkina Faso

  • Local Project Coordinator, agronomist and hydro-pedologist, Water Works engineer, Executive of Ministry of Agriculture in Burkina Faso : Kalifa Wendolea Zida
  • Representative and coordinator of producers at the agroecological farm (6 in number) : Moumini Zida
  • Representative and coordinator of producers at the agroecological farm (24 in number) : Martine Illy
  • Agricultural employee and guardian : Yelkouni Lucien


  • Chief Operating Officer : Albert Dembele
  • Secretary General & Representative of Agricultural Cooperative « Senekura » : Oumar Baba Samake
  • Director General & Representative of AMEDD : Bougouna Sogoba