Agroecological Didactic Farms

In order to test its models of agroecosystemic production, to improve regional food safety and sovereignty, to help the development of access to autonomy of the populations and favour the dissemination of adequate agroecological practices, the AgroEcology Unit is putting in place and supervising the operation of Agroecological Didactic Farms, associated with the regional Institutes of Research and Training, or serving as regional centre of research and training.

Each farm serves as a site of agricultural production, agronomic research and development and agroecological training.

Agou Nyogbo, Togo

In partnership with the Ecospiruline centre

Obala, Cameroon

In partnership with the Agricultural Institute of Obala

Yako, Burkina Faso

In partnership with a local agronomist and hydro-pedologist, an executive at the Burkinabe Ministry of Agriculture

Koutiala, Mali

In partnership with the Malian Association for Awakening to Sustainable Development (AMEDD) and the agricultural cooperative Senekura, created for the occasion.