In India, the Ecopark in Madurai speaks about the several sustainable initiatives of Antenna. Technology driven methodologies, enhanced with local traditions, join hand to combat poverty and nutritional instability. Some 30 people work on the two-hectare site, and are involved in the following range of activities:
  • Training Programmes: Spirulina production & marketing, Environment sensibilisation, Plastic recycling, Organic farming and medical plants, for rural women empowerment and children education.
  • Spirulina Cultivation: Cultivated vertically in bioreactors, with technical guidance from Enegaia-Thailand, the farm aims to have a superior yield and quality.  A full fledged laboratory can monitor the quality, so the spirulina can be distributed to the near by villages or marketed locally.
  • Fish Farming: A self-financed project for raising and selling ornamental fish provides a unique learning opportunity for the children.
  • Microcredit: Facilitating access to microcredit for rural women, in order to strengthen the local rural economy, as well as enhance their autonomy.
  • Plastic Recycling: A plastic recycling facility with Shredder, Extruder and Molding facility is functioning to recycle plastic waste. Around 10 collection points have been installed in the nearby villages to collect, segregate and recycle, for healthier and cleaner communities.
  • Paper Recycling: Hand-made paper recycling facility with a hand-operated grinder, contributs to educate children to craft from waste. Further equipments are in the pipeline.
  • Ecopark Education Initiative: Quiz on plastics pollution and Waste management training is organized for more that 8000 students from different schools, visiting the Ecopark each year.
  • Fitness Trail: Natural stone pathway and work-out area provides an opportunity for outdoor exercise and community gathering.
  • Yoga and Meditation Center: Serene, congenial atmosphere exists to realize, revitalize and rejuvenate the mind, body and soul.
  • Organic Kitchen Garden: Traditional farming and simple permaculture technics are used to grow fruits and vegetables. It supplies the kitchen with healthy products and gives ground for workshops, to school children and rural women.