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  1. Alternatiba Léman 2022_Banniere YouTube Save the date : Antenna at the 8th Festival Alternatiba Léman on 3 September 27 June 2022 - The Alternatiba Léman Festival will take place from Monday 29 August to Saturday 3 September 2022 in Geneva. It is organised by the Association Alternatiba Léman – a citizen movement for the climate emergency, which aims to promote local initiatives that contribute to the reduction of climate change, by implementing concrete local solutions. Stands and […]
  2. Article co-signed by Antenna published in Journal of Water & Health 3 May 2022 - Our colleagues Renata Nogueira and Justin Veuthey, respectively from Antenna’s the Médecines and New Technology units, in cooperation with our spinn-off Watalux, participated in the draftinf of the scientific publication « Novel water treatment system in a low-resource community », which was published in the Journal of water and health. The paper aggregates the data […]
  3. Production de Réfrigérateurs solaires mobiles au Burkina-Faso Production of solar refrigerators in Burkina Faso 29 April 2022 - The Sahel is a region where cold chains are almost non-existent and food security issues are more topical. In Burkina Faso, the “Mobile Solar Refrigerators” project is the result of a collaboration between Pierre-Gilles Duvernay and Olivier Starkenmann of Antenna Foundation, the University of Applied Sciences of Western Switzerland (HES-SO) and the Centre de Formation […]

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We would like to thank the many Swiss private donors and foundations that have funded our activities, as well as public and private institutions.